What We Make

Double-Dipole-Corrector-Magnet.jpg (2)

Double Dipole Corrector Magnet

Used for: Silicon implanter systems

Quadrupole-Magnet.jpg (1)

Quadrupole Magnet

Used for: Silicon implanter systems


270° Dipole Magnet

Used in: Oncology treatment room facilities

AC-Laminated-Coil-Quadrople-Magnet.jpg (1)

AC Laminated Coil Quadrople Magnet

Used in: Oncology facilities

80k-Amp-Resonator-Can.jpg (1)

80k Amp Resonator Can

Used in: Ion implantation

D-Pace-Kacst.jpg (1)

Mass Spectrometer Dipole Magnet

Used in: Research facilities


High Current 55° Ion Implanter

Used for: Implantation of silicon wafers

D-Pace-Specrometer-System.jpg (1)

Spectrometer System

Used in: Research facilities

D-Pace-Vacuum-Chamber.jpg (1)

Vacuum Chamber

Used for: Medical or scientific diagnostic devices


Ion Source

Used in: ISTF test facility


Sextupole Magnet

Used for: Research purposes


Solenoid Magnet

Used for: Research purposes


High Vacuum Beam Tube

Used in: The search for new gauge bosons


200mm Quad Magnet

Used in: Oncology

Oak Ridge National Laboratory magnets.jpg

Quadrople and Dipole Magnets

Used for: Research purposes

Ion Source Test Facility.jpg

Ion Source Test Facility (ISTF)

Used for: Research purposes