Quality, Measurement & Testing

Buckley Systems products are critical components of medical radiotherapy devices and business-critical semiconductor implanters. As such, we have a dedicated quality team and measurements laboratory to ensure we deliver the highest performance and reliability.

The right processes

Buckley Systems quality systems are built on an ISO 9001 framework. That allows robust process control and full traceability from drafting through to shipping.

Through decades of working with international customers across varied industries, we know that one size does not fit all. We will work with you to develop a quality and testing plan, including mechanical inspection, functional tests, and a documentation package tailored to your systems and needs.

A unified team

Our quality and measurement team is closely linked to our design and physics capability. Because of our depth of experience with particle beam systems, we understand the significance of the measurements we’re taking. That means we can help you develop a robust measurement plan and carry it out to the highest level.

  • An example of a Buckley Systems quadruple doublet, ready for final measurement and inspection
    An example of a Buckley Systems quadruple doublet, ready for final measurement and inspection

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Quality facilities

Buckley Systems has developed a quality and measurement laboratory, set in a temperature-controlled area. Our facilities include a suite of fully calibrated mechanical metrology and magnetic measurement equipment.

Mechanical metrology

We use high-precision co-ordinate measuring machines (CMM) to measure parts and assemblies. Our operators are highly trained and bring the experience required to develop robust measurement plans and carry them out consistently.

Magnetic measurement

Buckley Systems develops speciality magnetic measurement equipment. Our 3D field mapping and rotating coil testing stations incorporate high stability power supplies (up to 3000A), DCCTs, Group 3 Gaussmeters, 3-axis stages with linear encoders, and custom rotating coils of various apertures.